Fair Contracts Protect Chula Vista

The residents of Chula Vista deserve a workforce that is respected and compensated fairly for the work they do. Your Chula Vista Firefighters have always done our job, thousands of forced overtime hours worked, thousands of lives saved, hundreds of people rescued, millions of dollars of property saved from fire, and nearly 30,000 life-saving vaccines delivered. These last few years have been hectic for Chula Vista Firefighters. We have seen an exploding call volume here at home, and the mega-fires statewide are larger, deadlier, and more destructive than ever before.
Your Chula Vista Firefighters proudly fight fires across the state, doing what we can to save communities, lives, and property. Many of our members spend months deploying across the state and country. If we have these mega-fires in our region again, we will depend on firefighters from across the state to reciprocate that support. It is what we do as partners in California’s mutual aid agreements. While Chula Vista Firefighters deploy, other Chula Vista Firefighters remain back home, ensuring you and your family stay safe. Many firefighters work the equivalent of 2-3 full-time job hours. Your firefighters are working over 120 hours a week. Many of those hours worked are mandatory assignments.
When the pandemic hit, your Chula Vista Firefighters remained at work. There was no staying home, or calling in our work via ZOOM, our members remained on the frontlines. As we always will. Your Chula Vista Firefighters were one of the first to deal with the pandemic and tackle its effects. Chula Vista Firefighters want to ensure that we recruit and retain the absolute best firefighters out there, for your safety. That’s why city hall must honor the men and women with a fair contract that reflects our firefighters’ dangerous work. Many of our members were unknowingly exposed, many contracted COVID-19, even with not knowing the long term impacts or what we were all dealing with, our members remained on their posts and answered the call. 
Answering the call and dealing with its impacts were not enough for your Chula Vista Firefighters, we also led in taking a life-saving vaccine door to door with Operation Immunity. Nearly 30,000 Chula Vistans have been vaccinated by our Firefighters, Paramedics, and EMTs. We’ve always been here for you, and always will be. It’s a troubling reality that City Hall is now turning its back on your Firefighters. It’s time for City Hall to honor and respect those who selflessly serve others, regardless of the conditions, with a contract that puts their work and your safety first.
It’s Time for a Fair Contract.
Chula Vista Firefighters, IAFF Local 2180
Putting Your Safety First.

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